Renewable Energy

VFP simply provides the best buildings to protect and house critical components for renewable energy resources including wind farms, solar fields, and more.

VFP Renewable Energy shelters offer protection to vital instrumentation from intruders and the environment.

Renewable energy initiatives continue to grow as consumers want to move away from traditional fossil fuel consumption. The backlash on coal, oil, and natural gas reliance has spurred renewable energy sources such as wind farms and solar fields to continue their climb in installation numbers.  However, with this new expansion into alternative energy sources, the need for increased regulation and certification has also grown.

The amount of energy these types of power plants are producing, groups them into the same regulatory compliance as utility and public works agencies. Their ability to regulate, measure, and report on power generation is considered a critical infrastructure element and are clearly being included in security mandates from government agencies. VFP’s concrete shelters can maintain security against intruders, vandals, AND harsh environmental elements.

Our precast concrete shelters take full advantage of the ruggedness and long life of concrete. They are manufactured with precast reinforced concrete panels and then welded together to form a high strength structure. The floor, roof and wall panels are double-sealed with proprietary interlocking double keyway and step joint designs for superior weather protection. Completed concrete shelters are inherently bullet, vandal, and fire resistant and can meet UL-752, Level 8 Ballistics requirements.


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