Protecting the equipment that protects our power grid is receiving attention at the highest levels, and VFP offers both concrete and light weight metal control houses to keep that equipment safe.

Safeguarding public utilities and the vital equipment they operate is what VFP Solutions does best.

In today’s world, the threat to power utilities has never been more real.  From simple vandalism and theft to the looming threat of a terrorist attack, the utility and power markets have never been more on edge about the security of their operations.  Regulators have even developed security mandates to help assure that any attack on our primary services will not be catastrophic.  That’s why a utility infrastructure needs the experience that VFP shelters provide.

Our concrete control houses take full advantage of the strength, and long life of concrete. They are assembled from reinforced concrete panels, welded together to form a high strength structure.  The floor, roof and wall panels are triple sealed for weather resistance and lifting/tie-down fittings are integral to the structure. Completed control houses are inherently bullet, vandal, and fire resistant and can meet UL-752, Level 8 Ballistics requirements.

Concrete structures are available with a variety of exterior finishes, such as brick, block, fluted concrete, lap siding and more. They’re sure to blend with any neighborhood.

All VFP control houses meet applicable state building codes, and VFP is a state approved manufacturer.  Additionally, VFP concrete control houses meet UL-752, Level 4 High Power Rifle Bullet Resistance requirements.

VFP light weight control houses are the solution when site access problems, and overweight transportation are the issues. At approximately one-half the weight of the concrete structures, they are ideal for difficult rooftop installations and similar restricted locations. Light weight control houses are constructed of proprietary, interlocking metal panels, fully insulated and finished inside and out.

Available exterior finishes include stone aggregate, brick, siding, wood grain and paint. Interiors are finished in white FRP laminate. Check our complete specifications for details.

VFP, On-site Readiness – On Your Schedule

Whether choosing a concrete or lightweight shelter solution, both are available in modular or panelized configurations. Modular designs, available to 1000 sq. ft. or more, are pre-assembled, allowing control and protection equipment to be integrated prior to delivery to site. Panelized, Build-On-Site-Solutions (BOSS) control houses, available in concrete and light weight metal construction, are easily transported, and have few design restrictions. Interior heights to 15 feet or more, and buildings to 3000 sq. ft. or larger are easily handled. VFP Field Service personnel install all modular shelters, and erect and integrate all BOSS shelters on-site.

Understanding your business makes our control houses better.

At VFP, we understand your business as it relates to utility control houses. Our experience with site design and construction, as well as control and protection equipment integration, makes VFP a valuable addition to your team. Single or multiple unit control houses to 1000 sq. ft. or more and BOSS control houses as large as 3000 sq. ft. or more are available.
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