Fiber Optics

VFP fiber optic huts can provide a solid foundation for any FTTx broadband initiative – no matter where it’s located.

VFP huts and shelters for housing fiber optics are providing secure housing for broadband initiatives across the world.

Throughout the US and across the world, initiatives for the implementation of broadband or high-speed internet to unserved, underserved and rural areas have accelerated fiber optic use.  Fiber optics have long been known for their ability to transmit large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.  Yet they can be susceptible to sabotage.  VFP fiber huts are ideal for securely housing fiber optic cable and connectivity components designed to implement FTTx or Fiber to the Premise, Fiber to the Home, or Fiber to the Building networks.

Whether you need a lightweight structure for a hard to reach install or a concrete hut designed for the ultimate secure structure, VFP offers both to keep that equipment safe.

Both are available in modular or panelized configurations. Modular designs are available to 1000 sq. ft. or more and are pre-assembled, allowing control and protection equipment to be integrated prior to delivery to site. Panelized, Build-On-Site-Solutions (BOSS) fiber huts are available in concrete and light weight metal construction.  They can be easily transported and have few design restrictions. Interior heights to 15 feet or more, and buildings to 3000 sq. ft. or larger are easily handled. VFP Field Service personnel install all modular shelters, and erect and integrate all BOSS shelters on-site.

VFP fiber huts are available with a variety of exterior finishes, such as brick, block, stone aggregate, lap siding, wood grain and more. They’re sure to blend in with any neighborhood.

VFP can also provide full equipment integration either in-factory or on-site including installation of dc power and backup power structures, security systems, cable tray and communications equipment.

Our expertise in providing the most comprehensive and versatile shelter and fiber hut offerings allows you to select the configuration that works best for your FTTx application.  Contact us today for help designing your next broadband shelter or fiber hut.

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