About VFP

For over 50 years, VFP Industries has been providing quality-engineered building solutions designed to protect critical equipment. Our commitment to excellence and superior customer service has given us a world wide reputation of being the best in the industry.

Building on a strong foundation

Since 1965, VFP Industries has worked alongside our customers to develop customized solutions for protecting critical components.   From the beginning, we developed enclosures that could withstand extreme environmental conditions.  We began by engineering and constructing enclosures that were strong and durable, yet lightweight and easily transportable.  Utility companies and municipalities liked the versatility and customizability that these structures enabled them.  

As regulations for secure utility operations has increased over the years, VFP recognized the need for stronger and more protected shelters and enclosures.  We responded by expanding our product offering to include concrete shelters, secure modular data centers and FTTH huts.  These options have helped us realize that the superior quality of our building solutions could translate well to other markets. Today, critical utilities, municipalities, broadband providers, and Fortune 500 corporations, depend on VFP to provide shelters, enclosures and huts that perform beyond expectations.


State of the Art Facilities

VFP’s modern factory in Duffield, VA handles all shelter construction, assembly and system integration. Concrete shelters are assembled from individual panels made in our casting area. Metal shelter assembly utilizes panels fabricated in our on-site metal fabrication shop.  From assembly, shelters are integrated with customer-specified features and equipment including power distribution, HVAC equipment, communications hardware,  and support systems.  

Every shelter is constructed with VFP’s strict quality assurance review process.  VFP maintains a quality assurance program meeting or exceeding industry recognized commercial standards. This program is verified through periodic inspections by independent third party agencies. Throughout the manufacturing process, certified VFP Quality Assurance personnel monitor each process from incoming inspection to final operational testing. This ensures that each shelter meets the customer’s specifications and VFP’s high standards of workmanship and quality.


Working with VFP

Your VFP Project Manager is a single point of contact throughout the process.  They are responsible for answering your questions and coordinating the many departments that have a hand in the shelter manufacturing, integration and delivery process. Beginning with engineering, VFP personnel design the shelter to meet your specific operational requirements including any structural, thermal, and electrical design required. As part of that design, VFP provides recommended foundation design drawings and detailed shelter drawings showing equipment installation details and site installation interfaces.  If required, all shelter manufacturing drawings are stamped for the specific locality.  Additionally, VFP can provide site-specific stamped foundation drawings upon request.

From initial sales contact to final installation and beyond, be sure to take full advantage of the VFP experience. Experience that can help shorten project schedule and reduce your project cost.  Whether you choose a concrete or metal design, a BOSS solution, or platform, working with VFP gives you the industry’s most experienced team working throughout your project life cycle.

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