Public Safety

Police, fire, homeland security, and related services depend on reliable communication systems, and reliable systems depend on a secure shelter environment from VFP.

From the Middle East to Europe and throughout the United States, your public safety likely depends on equipment in a VFP shelter.

Establishing public safety in countries across the world requires understanding the critical nature of infrastructure stability. With durable and versatile shelters from VFP to house these critical communication components, emergency responders and related services can respond quickly and efficiently to any situation.

VFP concrete and lightweight public safety structures come standard with a stone aggregate finish.  However, VFP offers optional exterior finishes and designs to fit any site situation.  From cedar shake to brick facade, our variety of exterior choices can provide an exceptional means of blending in to the given surroundings.

Additionally, VFP can customize the interior components to meet your specific public safety infrastructure needs. Available options can include fire suppression systems, security systems, customer compliant grounding systems, ice shields and bridges, steps, and bullet resistant cages for HVAC equipment.  These unique systems can either be implemented directly through VFP or sent to us for complete installation.

With the variety of construction systems we offer, and the expertise to provide comprehensive support systems, including backup power, and communications equipment integration, VFP is your first choice for public safety equipment shelters.

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