MDC Solutions

Today’s mission-critical Modular Data Center (MDC) Solutions from VFP, and other complex secure power and communications systems before them, have been serving the commercial and military/defense industries for over 30 years.

With VFP MDC Solutions, your security, redundancy, and environmental protection requirements can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Nearly unlimited expandability, single and redundant generator backup power, static and rotating UPS systems, environmental protection for critical equipment, and site security systems are all available with VFP MDC Solutions. In addition, VFP’s’ experienced system integration technicians will supply and install equipment racks and system electronics to your specifications.


Site security is not limited to shelter access concerns only. Bullet resistance, fire protection and security of MDC support services are critical as well. MDC shelters can include secure entry chambers in several configurations, with a variety of locking and access systems, including biometrics. Furthermore, interior areas can include additional access controls. VFP’s standard concrete shelters are bullet resistant to UL-752, Level 4, with options available to Level 8.  They can meet South Florida hurricane codes and withstand the Arctic cold. Exterior security options include enhanced protection for HVAC equipment, and security bars for all vents and cable openings. We can also provide secure enclosures for exterior generators and related power equipment.

Power Systems

Generator and UPS equipment are available to meet the most demanding installations. VFP’s MDC systems have been delivered with generators of 2 mW or more including sound reduction to normal conversational levels within 3 feet. Generators are available fully integrated within the MDC shelters or in weatherproof enclosures outside. Fully incorporated static or rotating UPS systems are available as well. Power system installations typically include all transfer switches and monitoring and alarm systems.  Remote control options are available for most system configurations. VFP offers optional Field Service on-site setup and commissioning of provided power system equipment to complete the installation.

Expansion Capability

The continuing growth of data services has created a need for easily expandable data centers. Using individual modules, VFP MDC’s can grow to meet your needs. Adding power or equipment modules to an existing facility is easy and cost effective as well. Growth can be scheduled when needed,  avoiding unnecessary up-front capital expenditures. Module configuration is also flexible. If future equipment needs dictate different module designs, there are no retrofit costs involved. Although most modular installations are single story, multi-level configurations are possible where ground space is limited.

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