COVID-19 Statement

During these challenging times, VFP continues to prioritize our customer needs with our employee's well-being.

During these challenging times, VFP continues to prioritize our customer needs with our employee’s well-being. The rapid evolution of news of COVID-19 has left a tremendous amount of uncertainty in its wake. We would like to assure all our customers and suppliers that VFP is fully operational with continued focus on delivering excellence with every product. As an essential long-term manufacturer of critical components for the Public Safety, Solar and Utility industries, VFP understands our obligation to support the needs of our customer base.

At the direction of the United States Department of Homeland Security, VFP will continue to manufacture products and provide support services while maintaining compliance with the latest
developments from our Federal and State officials, the Center of Disease Control and World Health Organizations. We have instituted numerous health and safety measures to ensure all VFP employees operate within a safe environment while at home, work, or the communities in which we live, including but not limited to the items below:

  • All customer visits have been limited with VFP approval required
  • Where possible, VFP employees are working from home
  • Rotating work schedules to limit the amount of people at the facility
  • Whenever possible, all meetings are to be conducted via telephone or WebEx
  • Additional ongoing cleaning measures are taking place within our facilities
  • Temperatures are taken on all employees prior to the beginning of each shift
  • Temperatures are taken on all visitors upon arrival
  • Face mask protection is required for all employees and customers
  • Practice safe distancing when possible
  • Cover coughs or sneezes with tissue or cloth

We understand that these are challenging times and together we will persevere. As has been demonstrated numerous times during our 55 years in business, the VFP Team is fully committed to
supporting the needs of our customer base and keeping our employees safe and healthy. Please know that we are here for you and thank you for the confidence you have placed in us.