Panelized BOSS Solutions

If a standard shelter doesn’t fit your site development plans, for whatever reason, consider the BOSSsolution™. When conventional construction doesn’t fit within your timeline, budget allocation, or site restrictions, panelized shelters can save money and reduce your project construction schedule.


VFP realizes that site conditions, site access, shelter size or configuration may make using fully assembled shelters difficult or impossible. For these applications, come to the BOSS – Built-On- Site Shelters. BOSSsolution panelized shelters are shipped to site unassembled and erected in place by VFP Industries Field Service technicians. Panelized construction, in either concrete or lightweight metal, offers a number of advantages. Shelters can be carried to the site in pieces, or lifted in elevators to the rooftop, making short work of difficult site access issues. Even helicopter lifts to remote locations are possible.

on-site panel assembly with crane shelter panels


BOSSsolution shelters are made of prefabricated interlocking panels in either concrete or lightweight galvanneal steel. Shelter size and configuration is nearly unlimited, including ceiling heights to 12 feet or more. Large clear spans are easily accommodated and the shelter footprint need not be rectangular. You can have all the benefits of a manufactured shelter with all the design freedom of a built-on-site construction. Panelized shelters, factory-built while the site development work is being completed, reduce project time and can save money..

panel fabrication in factory welding panel joints

Exterior & Interior Finishes

The standard exterior finish for concrete BOSS structures is exposed aggregate and for metal construction, it is a painted finish. A variety of optional exterior finishes are available including block, brick, and vinyl siding. Standard interior finish includes commercial, light colored, vinyl tile floors. Proprietary white laminate wall and ceiling panels provide a secure mounting surface for installed equipment. Of course, other wall, floor and ceiling finishes are available options. Walls, floor and ceiling panels include high performance insulation with an overall R-11 thermal rating.

worker measuring panel interior panel assembly in factory


VFP panelized shelters exceed all domestic building codes including South Florida hurricane requirements and come standard with Level 4 certification to UL 752. Construction options include bullet resistance certification to UL-752, level 8 (30-06 at 0 feet), and 2-hour fire rated walls meeting all domestic building codes. Other options include enhanced vandal protection, ice shields and bridges, custom alarm systems, a long list of available accessories, and much more.

hurricane detail of panel


BOSS shelters are typically installed with a slab on grade foundation. Although VFP provides suggested anchor locations and mounting details, final foundation designs are the responsibility of the site development engineer and must take into consideration the soil conditions, seismic requirements, and local building codes.
VFP will provide transportation to the site and arrange for off-loading. Field Service technicians then erect the building and install and certify all integrated support facilities. Support facilities typically include power distribution components, generators, Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), dc power systems, HVAC equipment, lighting, alarms, grounding, and more, all to customer specifications. In fact, VFP can even supply and install your communications equipment, relay panels, control equipment, and racks.

Panelized BOSS System panel fabrication in factory

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