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Concrete Construction

Concrete shelter

Concrete shelter with aggregate exterior finish.

VFP concrete shelters are pre-assembled reinforced solid concrete construction. The completed shelter is inherently bullet, vandal and fire resistant. Our standard four inch (10 cm) wall construction provides a 2-hour fire endurance rating which is recognized and valid in the following model codes: UBC, SBC, BOCA.

The walls, roof and floor panels are welded together into a single unit for maximum structural strength. Each panel to panel joint includes a double seal for superior weather protection.

Foundation and Floor

Foundation requirements vary with the local terrain and soil conditions. The VFP concrete shelter has been designed for installation on a variety of foundations that include concrete slabs, compacted gravel, piers, and perimeter grade beams.

Concrete shelter liftpoint

Concrete shelter liftpoint

VFP will provide a suggested anchor location, but the site designer is cautioned that all foundations must be evaluated in consideration of local soil conditions, seismic requirements, and local building restrictions.

The floor is six-inch (15 cm) thick precast reinforced concrete, insulated and equipped with integral lifting points.

VFP's unique floor section is constructed with a recessed step-joint. This step-joint, which is part of our triple sealed floor-to-wall construction, eliminates any possibility of water intrusion into the shelter. The interior floor is covered with a high quality commercial grade light color vinyl tile.

Wall Construction

Shelter interior with some equipment installed

Shelter interior with some components installed

The standard wall is constructed of four-inch (10 cm) thick reinforced concrete. Each wall is constructed using a two-step keyway joint. This keyway joint is part of our double-sealed wall-to-wall construction, eliminating the possibility of water intrusion into the shelter.

Typically, the shelter is sheathed with a composite wall panel that includes high performance insulation. The white color allows maximum utilization of available light. The interior panel also supports electrical and mechanical wall mounted components and provides a convenient structural surface to mount additional components on site.

Pitched Roof

Concrete shelter awaiting shipment

Concrete shelter awaiting shipment

The roof section is constructed of minimum 4 inch (10 cm) thick reinforced concrete, sloped from the center to allow water runoff. The exterior of the roof is covered with an ultraviolet resistant, reflective elastomeric coating to prevent water intrusion.

The roof section is a "cap" that fits over the shelter walls leaving no exposed roof-to-wall joints. This joint, along with our double-sealed roof-to-wall construction, eliminates the possibility of water intrusion into the shelter.

The ceiling is sheathed with a composite panel that includes high performance insulation. The panel is covered with an aesthetically pleasing white laminate.


Remote installation of a VFP concrete shelter

Remote installation of a VFP concrete shelter

The walls and roof are insulated with high performance insulation that provides a thermal value of R-11. The floor section is insulated using a polystyrene insulation.

Moisture Resistance

VFP concrete shelters are engineered to restrict the possibility of moisture intrusion. Not only do we recess the floor-to-wall joint and provide a keyway, wall-to-wall connection, we also apply to the roof a UV-resistant elastomeric coating which will not crack, peel or flake.

All exterior air intake and exhaust openings are fitted with color matched weather hoods. VFP installed equipment and conduits that penetrate the shelter walls will be sealed with urethane caulk.

Interior Components

VFP provides a wide variety of pre-wired and pre-installed interior components. These include lights, convenience receptacles, power distribution, HVAC systems, UPS systems, and generators. Visit our quote request page for detailed options. [Quote Request]

Modular Structures

Concrete shelter modules with decorative additions in residential neighborhood

Three VFP shelter modules were assembled with decorative additions blend with structures in a residential neighborhood.

VFP's modular structures are designed to accommodate projects that require complexes larger than the typical single shelter size. These prefabricated structures allow us to provide a modular solution for any building size. VFP field service personnel provide on-site installations and assemble the modules into a single building.

Exterior Finishes

The standard exterior is an aesthetically pleasing exposed aggregate finish. A clear coat sealer is applied to the stone exterior which provides UV protection and enhances the color of the stone. Optional finishes are available to meet specific applications. [more]

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Feel free to ask us about our concrete shelters. Or, enter your specifications on our Quote Request page.